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There's a proven method to start making real money on eBay .....

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If you have a computer and Internet access you can start selling other people's products tomorrow and have money coming in next week!

Our guide shows you just how to do this.....

  • part-time
  • in your own time
  • at your own pace

... without ever buying stock yourself,
... without needing special business premises
... without needing staff
... without needing high capital investment


One of the easiest ways to make really big money is by selling items belonging to other people, individuals or business owners, corporations or charities, in return for 20 percent, 40 per cent an even bigger share of the proceeds. And sometimes a selling fee on top!

What you'll read about today is a very simple business that virtually anyone can operate, without special skills or qualifications, and you can still be making thousands of dollars (or pounds or any other country currency) every week selling other people's products on eBay. As long as your country has access to eBay, you can do it.

You'll learn exactly how to find so many valuable products to sell that you will be spoiled for choice, despite the fact you keep ten, twenty, even forty per cent or more of the selling price. 

Out guide shows you where to find these products, and people they belong to - people who are desperate for someone like you to sell their products on eBay.

You could potentially earn more in one day than you currently make all month - and that's small fry compared to what many people already established in this business are currently making.

And best of all, you can do it all from home!

Doesn't that set your mind racing?

Doesn't it show you really could potentially earn more in one day than most people make all month .... even all year?

And even that is small fry compared to what many people already in this business are making.


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Let me tell you more about what makes this such a great business for you to start right away:

You'll rarely have to meet customers direct.  So you don't need to be a PR or customer relations expert to make this work.  And it doesn't really matter whether you are an outgoing "people person" or someone who is happier in front of a computer.  Whatever type of person you are, you can still do this.

You don't need a shop or other business premises.  So your start-up costs are practically nothing, and you don't need to make any long-term financial commitments

You can work whatever hours suit you best. Work evenings only if you like while you shop or play golf during the day!

Unlike other business owners operating from shops and factories, you'll be working from home, with almost insignificant overheads and reaching millions of potential buyers willing to spend big time on products you will soon be selling. 

You won't be making pennies or cents from products like most high street business owners; your items will sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars or pounds (or any other currency as this book and business are designed to work worldwide). Soon you'll know how to guarantee everything you promote on eBay will always sell, at high prices, with multiple bidders and incredible profits for you.

You never have to pay for products that don't eventually sell. The vendor takes all the risk - not you!

You don't need to be an expert on products you are selling, in fact you'll get by knowing nothing at all about items that will be making you more money than most people even dream about.  Don't worry, this isn't dishonest, you might know very little but you will still be describing items with complete accuracy, you'll look and feel every bit an expert as big business owners selling in massive stores in busy city centres. 

Even marketing costs are cut to the bone because your business can be listed free of charge in eBay's Directory of Trading Assistants which established traders say attracts the majority of their business.  eBay also provides useful marketing materials, such as sales letters, logos, and ideas for promoting your business in and outside your normal eBay listings.


Make Money Faster: Rid Yourself of the Learning Curve

This eBook and all the professional add-ones mean you can get started in this easy business right away  -  you'll have all the information you need to be up and running days from now, with all the documents and business stationery that others use to make a great living every week selling other people's products on eBay.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  will get your business off to a flying start and keep on helping you enjoy incredible success and profits as an eBay Trading Assistant.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  takes you step by step through the entire process of starting your eBay business to deciding what high profits products to sell, on to finding clients and finally listing and selling products on eBay for up to FORTY per cent of the selling price, plus eBay and your own handling fees on top.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  takes you step-by-step through the process of finding high demand, high income earning products for your eBay business .....  but we're not talking about just any high price products, we're talking about products that fit three essential criteria for making really big money in this business.  Products you will be selling present no risk at all for you, or your vendors, because you will be dealing in:

products that fetch a guaranteed minimum $100 (or other country currency equivalent) profit per listing for you (and then only if they involve less than half an hour of your time, any more than that and your eBay starting price goes up)

products that always sell, and at high profits.  No ifs, no buts, no maybes about it, you will learn how to find items that really will sell every time, and at high prices, and even bring second chance offers and lots of guaranteed follow up sales on an outside of eBay

.. products that are uniquely yours to sell on eBay and you will know how to ensure that no one, ever, encroaches on your market for these high value, regular supply products you will learn about in The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant.


What This Package Includes

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  takes you through the entire process of deciding who to represent on eBay and, like products, your chosen clients must also fulfil certain essential criteria.  They must fulfil your requirements because, as you'll soon learn in The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant these people need you much more than you need them. 

That's because there are millions of people currently in desperate need of someone reliable to help promote their products on eBay, but very few people like yourself exist to satisfy this incredible and immensely insatiable demand.  So you will be delighted to know that the guide shows you how, even with just two or three clients, you can be making several hundred dollars (or other country currency) every week on eBay .... or maybe a great deal more! 

Easy Tips and Techniques to Make Your eBay Listings Sizzle.
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  gives all the information you will ever need to create great listings, the kind that attract multiple bids and incredible finishing prices. 

And it is in PDF format so you can read it on PCs and Macs. 


Here's a Sneak Preview of the Contents of The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  

Chapter Page Number
Foreword 4
Introduction 7
Why People Will Pay For Your Expertise 9
How To Maximize Your Earnings 13
A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Business Up and Running, and Making Big Money, Right From Day One! 15
What To Call Yourself 24
How Much to Charge For Your Service 26
Products and Clients 28
Gaining Ideas and Experience From Other Trading Assistants 31
Promoting Your Business Far and Wide 35
Take Responsibility For The Goods 58
Frequently Asked Questions 66
eBay's Trading Assistant Program 68
Worked Examples 72
Summary  84



And that really is all we can tell you about The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant.

Now it's time for you to decide whether to get started in this easy business or continue seeking an easy way to make your living online. 


We personally don't think you'll find an easier way that this to make a great living on eBay
 - or elsewhere for that matter.  But we understand that you might still have some totally justifiable worries about your own ability to make this easy business work.

So for that reason we are prepared to back this offer with a solid guarantee of satisfaction or an immediate money back refund at any time during the first 60 days

Which means, if you really do find you don't make money from this easy business, you just claim back the price you paid for the product!


So there you have it - a great product - and a solid guarantee in case you don't feel this product is exactly right for you!

So now's the time to order The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  and days from now you'll have your own home based business, working part-time hours and earning more money in one week than you ever thought possible.

One Final Thing!

Remember, no special experience is called for on your part, and this book is written in straightforward, easy to follow instructions.  There are pictures and illustrations to help you more easily understand what's involved, as well as step-by-step instructions showing you how to make money selling other people's products on eBay even if you've never sold on eBay before.

You can start this business any time you like - it won't date, it won't go out of fashion. 

The business, and the eBook and accompanying templates work equally well in the USA as in the UK, or in Japan, or Ireland, Italy or Canada, in fact anywhere at all!

But we would recommend anyone currently contemplating this 'ground-floor' opportunity to Do It NOW  ..  simply because if you don't establish a strong foothold in this easy business soon, someone else may beat you to it!

Remember this massive guide is designed to work in any country, it is not restricted by boundaries, and it doesn't matter who you are, what experience you have, how old or how young you are.  If you have a computer and Internet access you can run this business, starting now, starting today.


Order Now and Download Right Away - Even During the Night


There really can't be a business easier than this, or more enjoyable, or so immensely profitable!

So claim your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay Trading Assistant  today.   All you have to do now is click on the payment link below and, within minutes, you'll have downloaded this report and you'll be well on your way to grabbing your own share of this lucrative business.


Anne Skinner
Fabulous Bees Publishing

P.S.   All of our products are guaranteed for 60 days, so if you are in any way unhappy, just email me for a full money back refund.




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Our guide is in PDF format and suits PCs and Macs.  Our product benefits readers from any country with access to eBay.

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Bottom line - we know this works - we've tried it.  But you won't get success just by reading the guide, you need to get on and implement it!



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